Selected Writing Samples

I select some of my writing samples to share in this post. The topics of the writing samples range from selected statistical consulting cases to Bayesian statistics, machine learning or algorithm analysis course term project recently. I attach the pdf files of the writing samples below and if you are interested in them, please click on the links for each file and feel free to leave questions for discussion. I post them for academic and learning purposes. All copyrights are reserved by me and please do not use them for commercial purposes.

Selected Statistical Consulting Cases:

Selected Course Term Projects:

  • CPSC540 machine learning term project: neural excitation patterns were collected for rats performing one of two tasks, after which it would receive a reward if the task was completed correctly. The objective of this study was to build a classifier using stability selection to predict if excitation patterns were measured during the performance of task 0 or task 1. You can find the details by clicking on the following link: CPSC540Termproject


  • STAT520 Bayesian Analysis and Decision Theory term project: I mainly explore the performance of nested sampling with MCMC techniques in estimating Bayesian evidence for a specific toy example of non-Gaussian likelihood, where exact sampling of parameters uniformly from a constrained prior is not possible. You can find the details about my experiment in the pdf file  ExploreNestedSampling here.


  •  CPSC500 Fundamentals of Algorithm Design and Analysis term project: this term paper mainly reviews the main contribution of the paper: Algorithms and Analyses for Maximal Vector Contribution by Godfrey et al. You can find the details of this review paper CPSC500TermProject here.






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