Generating Graph Visualizations with pydot and Graphviz

This is a very useful post about how to use pydot to visualize graphical models. Pydot is a python interface for Graphviz.

The Python Haven

Hi, for my latest college assignment I had to find a way to visualize data that is interrelated. For instance, my application generated the following data:

A --> B
B --> C
B --> D

And I needed a way to generate pretty graphs without too much headache!

I am already using wxPython for the application’s UI (it saved me a lot of time, and I learned a lot in the process, even implemented my own clone of the Aero Wizard layout used in Windows Vista and 7), so I tried to look for a way to integrate some other super powered library into my app. I quickly remembered a couple of projects that used Graphviz to generate visualizations of Django model definitions: DjangoGraphviz, and django-graphviz. I even hacked one of them to generate visualizations where each app had it’s own color. But these were complicated projects, because…

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